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"Premier" Short Interest Data & Research

Short Interest plays a powerful impact on the order flows that can surge into the market. provides short interest data and services not available anywhere else. Our research of over 16,000 stocks (NY™, NASDAQ™, AMEX™ and OTC/BB™ stocks) is designed to help you become better informed of short interest levels existing in stocks, and identify the most powerful - long and short - stocks in the market. Short Squeeze™ is the short interest data leader™.

The Basics

When a trader is short a stock, they profit when the stock price goes down, and suffer losses when the stock price goes up. The total number of short shares in a stock is called the "short interest".

Stock Selection

Many times it can take between 5 and 15 days worth of trading volume to buy back all of the shares that are short. This powerful relationship between total number of shares short and average daily trading volume is called the "short interest ratio" or "days-to-cover". This is an indicator of upside potential in a stock and the higher this number, the more powerful the upside potential a stock has if a short covering should be triggered.

Timimg the trade

As a stock trades up in price, people who are short suffer trading losses. To lessen the inherent risk of this, traders often times initiate stop loss orders at key price points commonly recognized as indicators of whether a stock is trending up or down: the 52-week high, 50 day MA, and 200 day MA. Since someone short a stock, suffers trading losses in a stock that is trending up, a breach of these levels can trigger a powerful chain reaction of buying, causing a surge in stock price up, called a "short squeeze". These price levels can become areas of heavy trading activity and great market opportunity when short interest is at extremely high levels. We track this valuable market data so members can find the market's most heavily shorted stocks that are trading at these pivotal price levels.

When Shorts Drive a Stock Down

If the stock however, does not decisively breach these price levels, the shorts can flood into the stock as it displays a continuation of a downward bias. Many subscribers use our valuable short interest data to find stocks to short. With the master spreadsheet, traders can search the market for shorting opportunities as well, and capitalize on the power of the short side. We provide traders with the ability to track these pivotal price levels, which can also be used in conjunction with our relative strength indicator, so traders can find entry points for shorting weak stocks. You can easily sort the entire market and use the data to formulate a powerful trading strategies.

In-Depth Opportunity

ShortSqueeze™ provide specialized data that is designed to provide a deeper gauge of market opportunity, stock selection and timing of trades. In addition to number of shares short, our powerful "in-depth" collection of data can be used to evaluate and search for stocks based on the amount of short interest exposure, easability to cover the exposed positions, sector search, relative strength, float and proximity to critical price levels.

Pulling It All Together

Members have access to all of our specialized data and resources are specifically designed to provide pertinent information and resources that can be used to quickly and easily identify stocks with the most leveraged short interest, and to use this knowledge to find more powerful trading opportunities every day.

Short Screener™

Find the most powerful trading opportunities in the market - as they happen! Members have access the exclusive Short Screener™ tool that merges the most updated short interest data with continuously, "streaming-updating" stock data! Custom search the market or use pre-set screens for powerful, updated trading research. Use the Short Screener™ to find the most powerful - long and short - trading opportunities in the market happening now! Available for immediate access and use.

The Master Spreadsheet

Download all updated short interest data and stats for over 15,000 stocks (NY™, NASDAQ™, AMEX™ and OTC/BB™ stocks) and begin performing customized sorts and scans of the stock market to find the most powerful stocks in the market. After every short interest data release, the most updated, in-depth short interest statistics are merged with the comprehensive stock data listed below and placed on our Master Spreadsheet™ for download and use. Easily custom sort and scan this specialized combination of data to find the most powerful - long and short - trading opportunities in the market right now. All data is updated and available for immediate access after every update. This is more than a $650 /mo value - included with our $39.99 /mo membership.

Find Stock With Any Combination of:

  • Most/Least: Short Interest
  • Most/Least: Days-To-Cover
  • Most/Least: Short % of Float
  • Most/Least: Change in Short Interest
  • Most/Least: % Institutional Holders
  • Most/Least: % Insider Holders
  • Trading at 52-Week Highs
  • Trading at 200-Day Moving Average
  • Trading at 50-Day Moving Average
  • Sector and Industry
  • Average Daily Trading Volume
  • 52-Wk Price Performance

Top Stocks

View the Short Squeeze Top Stocks, is an updated stock list of stocks published after every short interest release to find the most powerful stocks using proprietary research. The stocks listed have the most extreme combination of heavy short interest exposure, low relative liquidity, and are trading at pivotal price levels for immediate trading opportunities. Capitalize on this powerfully charged list. The top stocks list is available for immediate access.


The World's best traders and fund managers have long understood the power that short interest can play on price moves within the stock market. We hope you enjoy the exclusive edge that ShortSqueeze™ provides. Take advantage of our promotional rates and get started now using this powerful collection of data.