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Short Interest
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Stock Short Interest

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Short Interest

Friday August 12, 2022
Stock Short Interest Data
Short Interest
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About Us

About Us is the first company exclusively dedicated to providing short interest data for all of the stocks that trade in the market (NYSE®, NASDAQ®, AMEX®, OTC/BB® and Pink Sheets®). We are firmly committed to continuing our innovative approach and maintaining our focus on short interest research, data, and the ability for our members to gain from the understanding and tracking of this powerful market force.
Short Interest
Short Interest plays a powerful impact on the order flows that can surge into the market.™ provides market professionals with exclusive short interest data and services not available anywhere else, so you may identify stock opportunities and gain from this valuable knowledge.
In-Depth Short Interest Data
Our powerful "in-depth" collection of short interest data can be used to evaluate and search for stocks based on the level of short interest exposure, ease ability to cover the exposed positions, sector search, and proximity to critical price levels. In addition to the number of shares short, additional supporting data is combined to provide a deeper gauge of market opportunity, stock selection and timing. This collection of pertinent data for over 16,000 stocks (NYSE®, NASDAQ®, AMEX®, OTC/BB® and Pink Sheets®) is available on a downloadable spreadsheet, so you have the ability to perform custom sorts and scans of the stocks in the market every week.
Short Squeeze Trading

When the right combination of events occurs, squeezes can lead to sharp changes in stock price. By setting price trigger orders, you can participate only after a confirmed breakout occurs. provides market professionals with a unique and powerful collection of data and services not available anywhere else. All of the data and tools are specifically designed to provide pertinent information and resources that can be used to quickly and easily identify stocks with the most leveraged short interest exposure - trading near breakout and pivotal price levels.

Powerful Data & Services
The World's best traders and fund managers have long understood the power that short interest can play on price moves within the stock market. We hope you enjoy the exclusive edge that™ provides.
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In The News
"A subscription to gives you access to a spreadsheet packed with data... interesting and useful..."
- Barron's
"...short sellers, not financial results, are driving up Air T's share price. More than half the shares were sold short last month, according to"
- Reuters / Yahoo! Finance
"The possibility of a short squeeze is one reason some analysts look at a high amount of short interest as a bullish indicator. Short Interest is the fuel... performance is the fuse, says"
- USA Today
"...according to Any encouraging news from Martha Stewart Living could lead to a wave of short sellers trying to buy stock and limit their losses, pushing the price higher."
- CNBC / MSN Money
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